N.J.S Restorations Through our local network of master craftsmen we have established ourselves as the market leader sash window company in Stamford & Oakham, Rutland, Deeping, Bourne and Lincolnshire.

Njs has been in business for 12 years, with 20 years in the trade, specialist sash masters with our cost effective alternative to replacement Sash Windows and casement wooden windows. We take care of the Sash windows on the George hotel Stamford, Hambleton Hall rutland, Stapleford Park In Leicestershire. You can trust us with any wooden window project, your in safe hands.

Rotten wooden timber window mouldings will be cut out and replaced with new hardwood timber moulding to match originals.

Cill’s replaced with new traditional hardwood. Our unique system enables us to repair rotted window frames and cills, retaining as much of the existing window as possible and adding new timber to your old windows giving them another 100 years of life

The system is a complete pre-painting joinery repair system using a range of products for the repair of damaged or decayed wood. Minimum disturbance to the occupants High quality repairs that ensure proper surface preparation lasts a lifetime if repair’s are painted every 8 years with our recommended paint system.

We do expect the repairs to last as long as a brand new hardwood windows, as long as you do have a qualified experienced decorator. All of our sash window restorations are preserved with a special 5 star wood treatment to stop wet rot and future decay & seal the existing woodwork from the rain.

We also draught seal old style sash window’s and make them Draught proof & rattle free. Sash windows are re hung and weights balanced with digital scales for maximum working, basically working just like a brand new window.

If your sash windows have spring balances on them we can service the old ones or fit new ones. Broken glass service also available, we can fit new patina restoration glass so they will look identical to your original glass sashes.

Upgrade your single glazing to heated – We are now offering heating glass film for your sash window glass, many companies have be using 10mm sealed units on sash windows, and these units will fail after a couple of years of use, and you won’t get any guarantees with this type of sealed unit, that’s why at Njs restoration we do not use this system, as it’s not proven and does not work. Many have gone down this route and ended up with broken failed units after 2 years.

Our solar glass Guard film has a 10 year guarantee that’s environmentally friendly and achieves energy and carbon savings, improving E factor and insulting your single glazed glass. Promotes comfortable temperatures in every season, allows high visible light with heat giving you clear views. UV protection rejects 99% of UV radiation at the risk of furniture fade and of course skin cancer. Starts working immediately after installation with up to 41% more heat saved in your home. Don’t let your heat escape through your glass ever again, as we can catch it and keep it indoors.
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